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Exploring the benefits of co-owning a Farmhouse

Embracing Change: What to Expect When Moving to the Countryside


The charm of the countryside, with its peaceful scenery, clean air, and quiet way of life, has always attracted people tired of the busy city life. Yet, moving from the city to the countryside brings about major changes. This move can be thrilling yet difficult, providing a new, calming change in speed and outlook. A distinctive method to gradually adopt this way of life is by joining FarmAlly, a chance to jointly own a Farmhouse and relish its amenities without the duties that come with living in the city.

The initial adjustment phases

Transitioning to a rural area is a significant shift that demands both emotional and physical readiness. At first, the silence might be too much to handle, and the absence of city conveniences could be seen as a drawback. Yet, this period of adjustment is also when you begin to value the leisurely lifestyle. The peaceful sounds of wildlife taking over the noise of vehicles, the view of vast green fields instead of busy cityscapes, and the joy of picking your fruits and vegetables are just a few benefits waiting to be explored.

Adopting a fresh way of life

Urban living is typically characterized by a hectic, structured lifestyle. On the other hand, rural areas promote a more laid-back and adaptable way of living. Your mornings could begin with the sound of roosters instead of an alarm, and your evenings might be spent gazing at the stars rather than bright city lights. Your daily tasks could involve gardening, caring for animals, and interacting with the local community, all of which help build a deeper connection with the environment and its inhabitants.

Building community connections

Living in the countryside offers a deep sense of belonging. Unlike the impersonal nature of city life, rural areas are usually close-knit communities. In these places, neighbours are familiar with each other, and there’s a strong culture of helping one another. Getting involved in local groups, taking part in community activities, and simply hanging out at local community spots can help you become part of the community and form lasting connections.

The FarmAlly advantage

FarmAlly provides a creative option for those unsure about making a full move to rural living or for those who wish to dip their toes into rural life without the long-term commitment of owning a property. FarmAlly offers a unique way to share ownership of farmhouses, allowing several people or families to own a piece of rural land together. This method has several advantages:

1. Economic benefits: By sharing the ownership, the financial strain is lessened, making it easier for people to live in the countryside.

2. Collective duties: The tasks for keeping the property in good shape are spread out among the owners, preventing any one person from being overwhelmed with the work.

3. Adaptability: Owning a farmhouse through FarmAlly allows for the ability to embrace the rural lifestyle on a part-time basis. You can keep up with city living and a modern way of life, using the farmhouse as a getaway or a place to relax.

4. Building a community: FarmAlly encourages the creation of a small community among the owners who have a shared passion for living sustainably and enjoying the countryside, offering chances for new friendships and partnerships to form.

Personal growth and well-being

The rural areas provide numerous chances for self-improvement and better health. Being close to nature can result in a more balanced way of living, both in terms of physical and mental health. Participating in activities such as agriculture, trekking, and horticulture, along with the tranquillity found in a peaceful setting, can greatly improve your life’s satisfaction.


Moving to the countryside is an adventure that brings new experiences and changes. It offers a fulfilling experience that brings you back to the natural world and /or a sense of community. With innovative approaches like FarmAlly, you can smoothly adapt to this new way of life with shared duties and reduced expenses, turning the dream of rural living into a feasible reality. Welcome the change, get ready for the obstacles, and anticipate a simpler, more rewarding lifestyle.

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