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Introduction to FarmAlly

Introduction to Farmhouse

Introduction to FarmAlly

The natural world both challenges and motivates us to live. As nature is the source of life, it’s essential to preserve a delicate relationship with family, friends, and the natural world. Living in closer harmony with nature results in a healthier lifestyle, and one of the best ways to live with nature is in farmlands and farmhouses. FarmAlly’s co-own farmhouses offer a serene retreat surrounded by lush flora and fauna, fulfilling your dream of connecting with nature.

FarmAlly introduces a new concept in farmhouse ownership, allowing individuals to co-own luxurious farmhouses with like-minded individuals. It offers a farmhouse accommodating 12 co-owners, providing a unique escape from urban life and embracing the tranquillity of rural living. We cater to diverse preferences by offering farmhouses across three categories, namely Executive, Premium, and Luxury, each tailored to varying plot sizes and budget ranges. Whether you seek a cosy retreat or a lavish estate, our offerings include amenities like swimming pools, gazebos, ponds, vegetable, flower, & fruit gardens, as well as servant rooms. 

Now, let’s understand all about co-ownership and how it works.

Co-Ownership Structure – Each farmhouse by FarmAlly is shared among 12 co-owners, ensuring fairness. Owners can hold 1 to 4 shares, offering flexibility in investment and commitment.

Registration and Management – The land registration for 12 ownership shares is streamlined via a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), ensuring transparency and accountability. FarmAlly relieves co-owners of the responsibilities related to property maintenance and upkeep by overseeing the development and administration of the farmhouse and its amenities.

Access via Mobile App – The mobile application simplifies the co-owners ownership experience by offering convenient access to essential information and services of the farmhouse, including booking usage days and communicating with fellow co-owners.

Advantages of co-owning a farmhouse with FarmAlly:

Affordable Farmhouse Ownership – Farmally provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional farmhouse ownership, allowing a wider audience to enjoy luxury living in the serene countryside through shared ownership.

Investment – It’s a promising investment opportunity, allowing individuals to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the increasing demand for rural retreats and vacation homes.

Hassle-Free Management – FarmAlly manages all aspects of farmhouse maintenance & management, including providing an in-house cook and domestic help, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for co-owners.

Luxury Amenities – The farmhouse co-owners enjoy luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, gazebos, organic food and recreational facilities, enhancing the nature living experience.

Equal Share of Usage Days – We ensure a fair distribution of usage days among co-owners so that each individual enjoys an equal share of time in the peaceful countryside retreat.

To conclude, FarmAlly redefines farmhouse ownership with an innovative shared model, blending affordability, convenience, and luxury to make rural living hassle-free. Join us for a peaceful countryside retreat today.

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